Go to war with Athena on your side

Athena — the Goddess of Wisdom and War.

She represents the most basic fundamentals of warfare: You not only need the tools and skills for battle, but also the understanding of when and how to use them.

That was the basic premise of Project Athena: Give investors not just the tools, but also the knowledge of how to deploy them to maximum effect.

I hate dashboards. The problem with them is that all they show you is just data. Here are your wallet balances, here are your rewards, and your NFTs. Here are some charts. Oh, let’s toss in a Swap or Claim button here and there.


All the dashboards show the same data, though with different themes and formatting.

But what if instead, dashboards are a hub that helps guide you into action?

What if it automated the rewards claiming from NaaS/DaaS projects when they exceed a certain amount, and automatically DCA’ed across several projects you are bullish on — converting, bridging, and swapping behind the scenes for you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that enabled you to auto-compound any project or pool? Or help you by automatically taking profits?

What’s the point of a pretty NFT dashboard that shows your collection if it won’t allow you to automatically sweep the floor of collections you like?

Or even just notify you of new releases that might interest you? “Oh hey, you’re heavy into SOL NFTs, according to your wallet. How about checking out these new NFT collections that have been gaining movement?”

That dashboard would control the narrative and guide investors, and most importantly: It would make the data ACTIONABLE.

By building sister projects to handle tasks, like automations, we can invest in separate projects that we can also integrate into Lava. We can cross market them, build individual communities around them, generate revenue separately and focus on an expanding array of niches that we couldn’t directly reach under Lava. Especially when we allow other projects to integrate with them as well, just the same as Lava itself would!

We are working currently on Project Hermes (Name WiP) to allow anyone to swiftly and easily build custom automations so that you do not have to worry about claiming, swapping, sending, buying and a whole lot more. Hell, show me anyone that enjoys going through their projects daily to make claims/compounds. Show me someone that likes going through all the transactions needed to use one token to DCA into 3–4 consistently.

I’ll wait.

Yep, that’s what I thought.

That is phase 1 of Project Athena: Build a hub, not a dashboard. Take control of your Crypto through one system that is built on many, no matter what you’re trying to do.

Entering into Phase 2 of Project Athena, and beyond, we will allow even more systems to be built. We are well aware that we may not always be able to think of the best tools, or make them the greatest — but we know people in our community can. That’s why Athena is being built on the Athena API: A simple to use API that allows wallet, node, and NFT data to be pulled for wallets with simple calls. But more importantly, it’s being built to allow additional chains to be added for non-MetaMask wallets. Elrond, Solana, etc, right alongside AVAX, Polygon, and the rest. We don’t care where your investments are — we will be here for you.

This API will be available to the public to build on. Chrome extensions, notification systems, trade bots, discord bots, NFT/Wallet verification systems, and more — we want to make it easy for the community to build the tools they want and become part of the Lava Ecosystem.

Imagine a wagon wheel — a central hub (LAVA) with spokes reaching out to our sister projects. That is what we are building. Treating them as separate projects with their own communities and revenue streams, the sister projects will allow Lava to be more than the sum of its parts. People everywhere will be using Lava products without even realizing it.

You’ve seen the current market. It’s a warzone out there. But Lava, and Athena, are going to be fighting by your side and we will win this war.


— Bart



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