Launch Specifics

Our public launch is finally right around the corner. It is both the culmination of months of work, as well as the beginning of a journey toward something truly special. From the start, we’ve aimed to create a sustainable protocol that will be able to operate autonomously and support all current users without solely relying on additional capital — a true utility based token. Soon we will be launching on TraderJoe and taking the first steps toward this goal. Here’s how it will go down.

Between 4–6pm EST on April 23rd, we will release the contract address for the LAVA token, as well as a direct link to the swap on TraderJoe. It will be announced in our Discord server only, in #announcements.

Do not purchase any tokens until you see this announcement

Anything posted before this official announcement is 100% a scam. There will be significant anti-bot measures at launch which will catch any users trying to cheat the system. These measures will not affect anyone following instructions properly.

Q: How do I purchase LAVA?

On the TraderJoe DEX. Specific instructions will be written up in a guide and posted in the #how-to-buy channel on Discord.

Q: What is the starting price and pairing?

We’ll be pairing 250k USDC.e with 416k LAVA for an initial token price of $0.60.

Q: Which node minting options are available at launch?

Right at launch, you can only mint a node with LAVA. Initial price volatility makes it difficult to enable LP minting immediately — we expect this to be enabled within the first 24 hours after launch, but it’s dependent upon price stability.

We recognize that buying pressure on the LAVA token is important, and for this reason we will not be enabling solo USDC.e minting for some time. Rest assured that the team will be closely monitoring mint discounts and adjusting accordingly to maintain healthy price action for the LAVA token and Treasury.

Q: How do I mint with LP tokens?

You’ll be able to easily create LP tokens within our dApp using the “zap” feature. Due to taxes, it is highly encouraged that users create their LP tokens within our app instead of through a DEX.

Q: Anti-bot measures?

We will have significant anti-bot measures in place, and highly discourage anyone to attempt to use a bot to snipe our launch. Obviously we can’t disclose any information now, but we look forward to going in depth in a future article post-launch to explain our methods.

Q: What is the sales tax?

At launch, sales tax will be 25%, scaling down over the next 7 days to a flat 15% (about 1.4% drop per day). We put this in place to capitalize on those who wish to dump their tokens immediately at launch and exit the protocol. We felt that 25% was a fair amount, both benefitting the protocol with a hefty tax for the treasury, and benefitting the user by not being astronomically high.

We are incredibly excited to launch the LAVA token and begin this journey with everybody. The launch is only the start, as we have many more features cooking up in the background, just waiting to be revealed. Come along for the ride.

Additional launch questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through Discord or email.





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